The only brand specialized in
treating hyperpigmentation

MELINE is specialized in treating hyperpigmentation and has developed unique treatments  according to the skin phototype and type of hyperpigmentation. The company, has a wide range of whitening treatments for the face, dark circles, body and intimate area.

Meline incorporates Alpha – beta – keto hydroxy acids, retinaldehyde in its formulations. The combination of Homecare and professional treatments provides optimum results.

MELINE treatments
based on the body area ―


MELINE includes 2 distinct lines: a line of profes­sional products that are used in the clinic as a shock treatment and a maintenance range for use at home. Both product lines have been formulated so that their active ingredients have a synergic effect, thus producing the most effective and long-lasting results.

MELINE Caucasian Skin

Treats melasma in skin phototypes I – IV. The synergy of its actives allows: the inhibition of hormonal activity on the melanocyte, controlling the activity of free radicals, improving the condition of the epidermal tissue, chelation of the minerals that activate enzymatic activity, blocking tyrosinase activity, promoting epidermal renewal to remove the content of pigment in the cell.

MELINE Ethnic Skin

Treats melasma in skin phototypes IV-VI.  The active ingredients can act on many stages during the melanin production and degradation processes such as: tyrosinase transcription and activation tyrosinase related protein 1 (TRP-1), tyrosinase related protein 2 (TRP-2) and/or peroxidase; capitation and distribution of melanosomes among kerotinocytes; and as well as melanosomic degradation and rotation of “pigmented” keratinocytes.


Has been created to treat pigmentary lesions such as solar, actinic or senile lentigo which consists of a brown/black spot that can present either homogeneous or heterogeneous pigmentation. These types of lesions are induced by natural or artificial ultraviolet light Generally, they appear in skin phototypes I-III, usually on the face, forearm, back of the hands and upper torso.

MELINE Dark circles

Is a specialized treatment for dark circles. It breaks down hemosiderin, diminishes dark circles and increases the thickness of the skin.


Is an effective treatment for improving color uniformity and overall skin appearance in the intimate area. The intimate parts have a unique anatomical structure, consequently methiculous studies have been carried out to determinate the most appropriate ingredients and the ideal concentrations in order to achieve optimal results without causing any adverse effects.


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